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What should I bring to a divorce mediation?

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Divorce Mediation

Especially for those who have no experience with it, divorce mediation or child custody mediation outside the context of divorce can be a daunting prospect. In light of that, some people may wonder what exactly they should bring to their mediation and how they should prepare for it.

The best advice on these points is to speak with one’s attorney and follow his or her advice. Prior to a mediation, one’s attorney should be able to have some idea as to how the mediation will proceed in light of the specific facts of one’s case. How the mediation will go will affect how a New Jersey parent should prepare for it and what the parent should bring. Still, there are some general pointers one can keep in mind when getting ready for a mediation.

While it may sound trite, the best thing a person can bring is a positive attitude and a willingness to listen. Custody mediations rarely work well when the parents are more focused on the faults of the other parent or on what one or the other parent wants out of the deal. Instead, parents who are willing to listen to the other side and also acknowledge what their child wants and needs are more likely to reach an agreement.

One tangible thing a parent should bring to mediation are some notes as to what they would propose with respect to parenting time. These proposals should include alternatives and a range of what the parent will and will not be willing to negotiate on. Additionally, parents should have access to their respective calendars so they can quickly answer questions about schedules and the like.