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Taking the mystery out of the mediation process

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Divorce Mediation

In addition to legal services, this law office offers mediation services to divorcing New Jersey couples or parents who need it in order to resolve their family law disputes.

Especially for those who have not been through it before, mediation can be a mysterious and even somewhat scary process. Even though it does not involve going to court, it still is intimidating trying to work out an agreement in the presence of someone whom neither parent really knows but who is supposed to be an expert.

Many of those who come to our office for mediation services may have questions about how the process is going to go, and we are happy to answer them. After all, we feel that by answering questions, we can demystify the process and make it easier for couples to go through successfully.

The important thing for those who use our services is that our mediators do not play favorites or take sides. While it may be necessary to meet separately with one side or the other, we will not keep one side in the dark while letting the other party in on an important piece of information. On a related point, whatever we talk about between the parties stays strictly between the parties and us; we do not reveal either person’s secrets without their consent.

Furthermore, we take our neutrality seriously by declining to give legal advice or decide the case for those who come to us. Our primary goal is always to help those who use us get their family issues resolved amicably, thus saving them the time, money and stress of having to go to court.