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How will divorce affect your children?

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Divorce

Experts say that may be up to the divorcing parents. While certainly, a divorce will change the family dynamic, and children will have to get used to the “new normal,” it turns out that divorce can be made less traumatic on a child if the parents make an effort to avoid petty conflict. New Jersey families facing divorce may want to consider a few key suggestions to reduce negative effects on a child. 

Divorce is a legal process, but it is also an emotional process. Even if both parents view a divorce as relatively amicable, it can often be the little frustrations that come to a head. When a child witnesses signs of conflict, such as raised voices, angry or sarcastic facial expressions, or passive-aggressive behavior, such as ignoring phone calls or text messages from the other parent, the child may feel helpless. 

No matter what the grounds for divorce may be, parents naturally want to make sure that any children involved are able to understand the divorce process and maintain a happy relationship with both parents. It may be tempting to allow points of contention during a divorce to spill over into household moments. Research suggests that parents who refrain from bad-mouthing the other parent and other negative behavior, and instead present a positive outlook on the future, are likely to see a child begin to understand the changes and thrive within the new dynamics. 

Though emotions play a role for everyone involved, at its core, divorce is a legal process between both spouses. When it comes time to handle the matter in court, a New Jersey resident may want to contact an attorney. An attorney can provide objective support to a client, helping to navigate the legal process so that a person or family can look forward to a new beginning.