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Child custody and the best interests standard

Child custody is one of the most highly contested divorce legal issues. It is not limited to those who are dissolving their marriages, as parents of children born out of wedlock can also face child custody disputes. Oftentimes in these situations each parent believes they know what is best for their child, but their visions don't always align. When this occurs, the matter can be challenging to negotiate and may be left in the hands of a judge.

Getting through a divorce if you are over the age of 50

Many of our readers in New Jersey have probably heard the term "grey divorce," which, generally speaking, usually involves people over the age of 50 going through a divorce, as opposed to younger individuals. Many people have probably also heard the common refrain that about half of all marriages end in divorce. These two concepts are causing major ripples in the family law field, and they may start to become intertwined.

Crucial tips to get through a divorce case in New Jersey

Many New Jersey residents who are considering filing for divorce may feel quite a bit of trepidation about the move. As a result, they have many questions that they feel need to be answered. A recent article had a number of tips for those who are planning to go through a divorce case.

What should you know about feelings and emotions in a divorce?

Many people who are going through a divorce in New Jersey are able to focus on the practical aspects of the case, including ways to address legal issues such as property division, child custody, child support and alimony. This focus can be useful in getting the matters addressed and behind them, but what about the emotions that come along with the end of a marriage? What should our readers know about what to expect when it comes to these oftentimes powerful feelings?

Avoiding impulsive decisions in a divorce case

Being involved in a divorce case can be a highly-charged emotional experience. In any given case, the divorcing couple will need to address potentially contentious issues such as property division, alimony, child custody and child support, among others. When emotions run high, it is important to stay focused on the legal process and the long-term implications of the case on the rest of your life. Avoiding impulsive decisions in a divorce case can pay off long after the case is settled.

High-profile divorce case comes to a conclusion

Our readers in New Jersey are probably aware of one of the most high-profile divorce cases in the Northeast, and perhaps the country: the divorce of Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife. Any news story with the name "Trump" in it is at the top of any news feed these days, and this divorce case is no different, although it was not a particularly contentious matter.

Could financial secrets lead to a divorce?

The cause of any given divorce can vary considerably. Sometimes people just "grow apart," while in other situations there is some affirmative act that leads one spouse to divorce the other. A recent news article took a look at one potential cause of divorce: financial secrets.

What are the basics about child support?

When couples who have children begin the divorce process to end their married relationship, they are probably fully aware that child support will be one of the important issues to address in the legal process. However, many of those same couples have questions about how important determinations will be made about child support in their own unique cases. So, what are the basics about child support?

Why do married couples get divorced?

When some couples in New Jersey are faced with the realistic possibility of ending a marriage in a divorce, they will often think, "Where did it go wrong?" After all, no one gets married with plans on ultimately getting a divorce. But, the reality, as we all know, is that many marriages do end in divorce in America. So, what are some of the most common reasons why marriages end in divorce?

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