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How do I modify my New Jersey child support order?

Unlike many other court decisions, a New Jersey parent can ask for a family law court to revisit a child support order from time to time. This is because New Jersey law recognizes that the circumstances of parents and their children oftentimes change, and these changes can make what was once a fair child support order both impractical and unjust.

What will a court look for when determining custody?

Because the focus of any custody order is the best interests of the children involved, and because what is in the best interests of a child can change, it makes sense that New Jersey courts should consider a number of factors before deciding upon have the option of reviewing a custody and parenting time arrangement in a divorce or paternity case.

Obtaining a restraining order in New Jersey

Any married couple in New Jersey, no matter their socioeconomic background, culture or beliefs, is susceptible to domestic violence, whether as a victim or as a perpetrator. Just because it can affect anyone, no one should think domestic violence is "okay" or something someone should just learn to live with.

How college education expenses get divided in New Jersey

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, New Jersey has child support guidelines that are supposed to help courts come to an amount each parent should be responsible for in order to allow their children to maintain the same standard of living as they enjoyed prior to the divorce.

The grounds for a divorce in New Jersey

Many married couples throughout New Jersey experience bumps and challenges in their relationships that can test the commitment of the partners to their shared martial experience. While in most cases partners can work through their differences and emerge from their conflicts with strong martial bonds, in some cases the bases of their disputes are so egregious that divorce becomes a necessary part of their relationship conversations. In fact, under New Jersey law, certain grounds of fault may be used to end marriages through divorce when martial partners cannot continue their legal relationships.

What are extraordinary expenses in New Jersey child support?

Most parents in New Jersey understand that if they end up getting a divorce there is a likelihood that one of them may end up paying some form of child support if the other parent is given the right to be the primary residential parent. However, that doesn't necessarily make it easier to come to an agreement on how much that support should be. For this reason, New Jersey has set up a child support guidelines process that is supposed to calculate a minimum amount of support a child living in the state will need, depending on the child's age, the incomes of the child's parents and some other factors.

State Supreme Court changes custody relocation standard

New Jersey divorce issues, such as child custody, are not necessarily resolved with the decree or settlement. These issues sometimes resurface after the end of the marriage. The state Supreme Court addressed one of these issues and reversed its legal standard for ruling on contested parental relocation that it issued back in 2001.

New Jersey changes relocation laws for divorced parents

When a couple with children divorces, one parent may be granted primary custody of the child while the other gets visitation and is asked to pay child support. A major post-divorce issue for many of these couples is relocation. The custodial parent may want to leave New Jersey and take their child with them, but the other parent may oppose their decision.

What are some essentials for prenuptial agreements?

When a couple in New Jersey is planning their wedding, they may be consumed with finding the right caterer, florist and venue. However, they should also give some thought to their post-wedding lives before they walk down the aisle, including drafting a prenuptial agreement. Well-drafted prenuptial agreements can expedite property division and other matters should the marriage end in divorce. In addition to the car, house and investments, a prenup should also govern other assets which are often overlooked.

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