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Headed for a holiday divorce? You're not alone, say experts

Christmas is right around the corner, and a new year is set to begin. Everywhere a person might go, there is some sort of holiday cheer. New Jersey residents might find themselves secretly feeling a bit annoyed and overwhelmed. The holiday season brings along a lot of unspoken pressure and stress, and experts say that it is not uncommon to see a spike in divorce cases in the coming weeks. 

There is no normal: A holiday divorce mantra

Even in modern America, it is not unusual for the holiday season to be idealized. Sometimes, it seems like every commercial on television shows the perfect family enjoying a perfect holiday, and parents may feel unreasonable pressure to live up to this unrealistic representation. For New Jersey families that have gone through divorce, parents may be discouraged when things don't work out as planned. 

Single Bell Rock: Divorce and the holidays

Winter is fast approaching, and some New Jersey residents have already spotted some snowflakes. The holiday season has officially begun, and many people are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. For families dealing with divorce, it is natural to feel sad or anxious. It can seem overwhelming to find a new normal during a divorce, but learning a few holiday hacks will help a divorcee feel calm and confident.

How will divorce affect your children?

Experts say that may be up to the divorcing parents. While certainly, a divorce will change the family dynamic, and children will have to get used to the "new normal," it turns out that divorce can be made less traumatic on a child if the parents make an effort to avoid petty conflict. New Jersey families facing divorce may want to consider a few key suggestions to reduce negative effects on a child. 

Divorce and child support: is there such a thing as too much?

New Jersey residents tune in with the rest of the nation to watch Good Morning, America, a long-running television program that mixes news and current events with pop culture, fashion trends, recipes and other topics of interest. Through the years, the show has seen several hosts, and former NFL star Michael Strahan has become a fan favorite. Though viewers may feel as if the program's hosts are personal friends, they may be surprised to learn that even celebrities often face the same hardships as "regular people" when it comes to divorce and child support

Property division during retirement can be tough on women

Gray divorces, which we have discussed previously on this blog, continue to increase in regularity. While many find the freedom provided through a late-life marriage dissolution exhilarating, others find the process financially debilitating. Sadly, this is especially true for women. By taking the following matters into consideration, it is our hope that more older women will sidestep the oftentimes disastrous financial consequences of a gray divorce.

Some common contributors to divorce

Although some reports indicate that the divorce rate is declining, it still feels like divorce is more prevalent than ever. In fact, statistics show that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. The average length of a marriage prior to divorce is seven years, which has held steady over the last several decades. Those who choose to dissolve their marriages have to confront challenging legal issues, including property division, child custody, and alimony. Before getting to that point, though, it may be helpful to understand why divorce occurs in the first place, as this can give a divorcing individual perspective and insight into the process and how best to approach.

What brutal divorce tactics should you watch out for?

It may be a sad reality, but divorce often brings out the worst in people. Those who have been emotionally or financially hurt can lash out, making resolution of important marriage dissolution issues seemingly impossible. This can make the divorce process longer and costlier than it needs to be. This isn't to say that legal matters that can't be agreed to shouldn't be aggressively litigated, but our New Jersey readers may want to be aware of some particularly brutal divorce tactics and how to protect themselves from them.

Child custody and the character and fitness evaluation

While the financial ramifications of divorce can be significant, many New Jersey couples find themselves more concerned about something more important: their children. After all, the outcome of a child custody dispute can lay the framework for an individual's relationship with his or her child post-divorce. When a divorce is contentious, this could mean that one's ability to even visit with his or her child may be threatened. This is why it is usually of critical importance that New Jersey residents who are facing child custody disputes consider seeking legal guidance.

Child support modification may be within reach

As the posts on this blog often point out, divorce can have very significant financial ramifications for New Jersey residents. Those who are crafty in their legal dealing regarding marriage dissolution can find themselves exiting marriage on firm financial footing. Those who fail to do so, though, can end up on hard times living a lifestyle that is far below that which they enjoyed during their marriage.

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