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The benefits of divorce mediation

No one gets married thinking that the union might end in a divorce, but we all know by now that the reality is that many marriages do end in this manner. While it may seem unfortunate to those who are on the outside looking in, for the couple who is going through the divorce the process may be putting an end to a relationship that simply wasn't working anymore and, therefore, both of the soon-to-be ex-spouses can look forward to another chapter in life.

What do you need to know about divorce mediation?

There are probably quite a few New Jersey residents who make the decision to get a divorce without fully assessing the options for getting through the process. For some, there is a preconceived notion that the divorce case must play out in a courtroom, with arguments made in front of a family law judge. However, for many couples, there is another option: divorce mediation.

Is divorce mediation right for you?

Thousands of New Jersey residents go through the divorce process each year. Although no one enters into a marriage with expectations that a divorce may be necessary at some point in the future, the reality is that divorce is fairly common. In many cases, there is no one to blame; it would just be better for everyone involved if the marriage came to an end. If you are still able to maintain a somewhat decent relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, divorce mediation may be an option to help get you through the divorce process a bit more smoothly.

What should I bring to a divorce mediation?

Especially for those who have no experience with it, divorce mediation or child custody mediation outside the context of divorce can be a daunting prospect. In light of that, some people may wonder what exactly they should bring to their mediation and how they should prepare for it.

Confidentiality: an advantage to divorce mediation

As this blog has discussed before, divorce mediation is an option for Marlton, New Jersey, residents who want to take an alternative route to litigating a family law issue. While not suitable for all cases, the process of mediation offers several advantages to a couple trying to solve problems related to custody, support or other family law issues.

Mediating a high conflict custody case is possible

As this blog has discussed previously, there are some situations in which it is best for parents and those involved in a custody dispute to admit that mediation is just not an appropriate forum in a particular case, even though divorce mediation or other forms of child custody mediation certainly have their benefits.

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