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3 social media tips during a divorce

In today's digital landscape, divorce is nothing like it used to be. Matters that once remained private can now be quickly broadcasted on a variety of social media platforms. Digital etiquette during a divorce is an important factor to consider.

More men receive alimony in divorce

There are many outdated gender norms that still plague society. One of the most common is that the man in a marriage should be the primary breadwinner. Decades ago, it was extremely common for men divorcing their wives to have to pay a certain amount in alimony. However, times change, and while the number of men who receive alimony from their wives is still low, it has started to increase in recent years. 

3 reasons you need a pre-nuptial agreement

It used to be that prenuptial agreements were mainly talked about when it came to high-profile divorces, such as those between celebrities. However, nowadays, with the changing cultural landscape around marriage and divorce, prenuptial agreements make a lot of sense for a wide variety of couples planning to marry.

Is discussing college expenses worth it when your kids are young?

When you begin divorce proceedings and have young children, college expenses may be way down on your list of concerns to discuss and resolve throughout the divorce process. For example, co-parenting and fair property division may be at the top of your list.

Should you consider mediation for your divorce?

If you are facing a divorce, you have many decisions to make, and the entire process can seem very overwhelming. In addition to the emotional stress and turmoil you are going through due to the breakup of your marriage, there are all the questions of assets and property distribution to resolve. If you have minor children, there will be decisions regarding custody, child support and visitation.

Job loss may or may not be basis for child support reduction

It is not unusual for a New Jersey parent who as an obligation to pay child support to fall on difficult times, particularly over the past several years when the economy was not very strong and the job market suffered. A parent who experiences a job layoff, for instance, may experience severe financial troubles, including difficulty paying his or her own basic bills.

Divorcing after a short marriage

New Jersey is actually home to one of the lowest divorce rates in the United States. Roughly 9 percent of adults in the state divorce, and one component of this seems to be that people in New Jersey tend to marry at an older age. 

Separate assets can become distributable marital assets

Equitable distribution in New Jersey typically applies to the assets that either spouse obtained during the time of the marriage. It also applies to jointly obtained assets. The time range excludes the period after one spouse has filed a divorce complaint that remains pending. The time frame for marital assets typically covers the day the couple got married until the date of the filing of a divorce complaint.

Ending a bad marriage earlier can save on alimony

In recent years, New Jersey reformed its alimony laws in a manner that relates the amount of alimony to the duration of the marriage, particularly for marriages that were less than 20 years in length. As such, if a person is in a marriage that clearly is not blissful and there are disparate incomes and assets of the two spouses, he or she may want to consider what anniversary they are approaching. This factor may have an impact in terms of choice of dates to file for divorce and future alimony obligations.

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