Criminal Defense Attorney in Marlton

The moment you are pulled over, questioned, or arrested, you are looked at with suspicion. Law enforcement and prosecutors are seeking for opportunities to justify an arrest and file charges against you, sometimes even wrongly.

You are well-advised to exercise your right to skilled legal counsel as soon as possible — before you make any statements about how many drinks you had, where you were or anything else a police officer may ask you.

Strong criminal defense begins immediately, so contact an experienced Marlton criminal defense lawyer at Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith, P.A., now to discuss your case.

A Team Of Experienced Defense Attorneys

Our law firm, Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith, P.A., is composed of knowledgeable litigators, each of whom brings a unique background of knowledge to the table, including years of experience in criminal law. We know how to perform thorough investigations, persuasively and assertively argue cases in court, and above all else, how to make sure our clients’ rights are protected in the New Jersey criminal justice system.

We handle a wide range of criminal charges, including serious traffic violations (reckless driving, excessive speeding), property crimes (theft, robbery, burglary), and juvenile defense.

Criminal Law and Your Divorce

Over the years, attorney Amy Smith has worked with many people whose contentious home life has resulted in accusations of domestic violence and restraining orders. Our firm is known for proficient representation in divorce matters and can address the full scope of your legal needs, whether they be about your relationship with your children, your financial well-being, or your freedom in general. We will help you understand what to expect in court, how the legal process happens, and what options are available to protect you.

Amy Smith, Esquire, spent part of her career as a prosecutor. She has a notable level of trial practice, having spent a great deal of her time in court. She takes a hands-on approach to every case and works diligently to make sure her clients are given the best opportunity for reduced sentences, reduced charges, and dismissals.

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