Thank you Dawn, Jill, Linda and the support staff for getting me through this in the best possible manner! Thank you for all your hard work on my case.


Thanks for all your time, effort and your dedication to me. I really appreciate all of it.


Thank you for doing such an awesome job and all the patience you had with me & my case.


Thank you for your guidance and support in this endeavor. I truly feel my outcome was positive because you gave me the information, support, and confidence that helped make it possible. Although my case was not a profitable one, you can be assured that I will speak highly of you to everyone I come in contact with. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to deal with you. You made me feel like I was your only client. Thanks for everything and I will look forward to speaking to you at your six month follow up.


Thank you for everything. All of you have been a special group of women. I cannot thank you enough!


Experience, knowledge and a great legal team! Love working with such a talented group of people!


I hired Amy Smith after she was referred to me by a friend. I used Amy for my divorce. Amy is BRILLIANT, confident, and plays by the rules. She is very much respected in her field and by her peers. I had to file Motions against my ex three times in one year. I was extremely happy with the professionalism in which she handled my case. I am proud to have her by my side in Court. Kudos also to Jill Dell' Aquilo. Jill was Amy's assistant when I met her. She is now a lawyer herself and has continued to work in unison with Amy on my case. I highly recommend this 'Dream Team".


Thank you! I also wanted to thank everyone for your help and support during my separation and divorce. Amy, you have been such a great attorney and you've helped me thru a difficult transition. Thank you for representing me and giving me great legal advice.


I am humbly appreciative for the lack of expense & tremendous assistance, kindness, & support I have received from all of you.

Thank you all so much for everything. Take Care & God Bless.