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State Supreme Court changes custody relocation standard

New Jersey divorce issues, such as child custody, are not necessarily resolved with the decree or settlement. These issues sometimes resurface after the end of the marriage. The state Supreme Court addressed one of these issues and reversed its legal standard for ruling on contested parental relocation that it issued back in 2001.

New Jersey changes relocation laws for divorced parents

When a couple with children divorces, one parent may be granted primary custody of the child while the other gets visitation and is asked to pay child support. A major post-divorce issue for many of these couples is relocation. The custodial parent may want to leave New Jersey and take their child with them, but the other parent may oppose their decision.

What are some essentials for prenuptial agreements?

When a couple in New Jersey is planning their wedding, they may be consumed with finding the right caterer, florist and venue. However, they should also give some thought to their post-wedding lives before they walk down the aisle, including drafting a prenuptial agreement. Well-drafted prenuptial agreements can expedite property division and other matters should the marriage end in divorce. In addition to the car, house and investments, a prenup should also govern other assets which are often overlooked.

Beware these divorce myths

A divorce may be challenging and tumultuous. It may be more difficult if spouses in New Jersey are influenced by long-standing myths about this process. These falsehoods can have financial consequences.

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